Alex Michael – Social Networks

Alex Michael – Social Networks

So even though I have performed at hundreds of events I very much like to know that the great people I have met are still doing ok.

And equally there is now a time where people book me when they haven’t seen me for 5-10 years!! Wow I am getting old.

There are lots of way to link up with me and see what I am up to or even when I am not up to.

The engage with Facebook – Here I add photos and reviews and special offers etc. Feel free to Like, share, comment etc

I am also on Google plus

I also am on Linked in

Finally I have a YouTube Channel which has lots of great videos

As you can see there is really no excuse for not staying in touch or even check out what I am up to.

Alex Michael – Social Networks

Please look around my website and if there are any questions I estimate there are at least 10 ways to contact me.

Even if you don’t want to discuss magic, I enjoy to talk about food, puzzles, and pretty much any subject matter.

Alex Michael - Social Networks

Alex Michael – Social Networks

Contact me on 07890 217 203 or email . Many thanks