Healthy Food for Children’s Parties

So, I have children myself and as they grow up I am always looking for alternatives for less sugary and fatty foods.

We all have different ways but we try and make our eldest eat as much good food as possible prior to anything sweet.

And when I say sweet, this includes fruit!

So when party time comes what is the best thing to do to cater for so many children??

Healthy Food for Children’s Parties – top tips and ideas

  • Well the first thing is to be realistic and not over cater. Children don’t eat that much and children never go hungry at parties. Lunch boxes where food is pre boxed is a great solution.
  • Make sure the children sit together this is better for social interaction, this definitely helps eating.
  • Don’t have a buffet where children can pick between a sandwich and a cake… I have a suspicion I know what that may go for.
  • Add cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks and look into some adventurous ways to display healthy options. Ever heard of a cucumber crocodile or an orange boat. I have, and there are stacks of creative ideas. This is not only a great talking point but great for the children.
  • Restrict the amount of sugary drinks, highly diluted sugar free squash is just fine.
  • Make lower sugar cakes by halving the amount of sugar in the recipe (this is do-able in almost any cake recipe without anyone noticing) or replace some of the sugar with mashed banana or apple puree.
  • Only put sweet foods on the table once everyone has filled up on plenty of healthier options first – pudding usually comes after the main course but for some reason this doesn’t seem to apply at birthday parties!


Healthy Food for Children’s Parties – http//

Another great resource for party advice is Annabel Karmel and Joanne McGowan


Healthy Food for Children’s Parties Healthy Food for Children’s Parties Healthy Food for Children’s Parties Healthy Food for Children’s Parties