Word of Mouth the Best Form of Advertising

Word of Mouth the Best Form of Advertising


So I have been performing regularly for many many year and every year I seem to get busier and many of my fellow magicians as my how come I am so busy.

Well it is simple, I have worked, and continue to work hard to offer a great service, magic show/mix and mingle magic at a great price.

I hear at nearly every show, not only how much fun everyone had, but how I am so much better than any other entertainer they had seen.

This is brilliant to hear as exceeding all expectations is my goal.


I would estimate that 80% of my performances are from people who have booked me or seen me perform before.

Sometimes years and years later and it is always nice to know that I have been remembered.

It is also great to know that people remember certain tricks I do and I have even had children remember me from performing  a lot earlier in their lives


If you are reading this and haven’t seen me perform before take a look around my website http://www.alexmagic.co.uk for more details and movies.

If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing alex@alexmagic.co.uk