Alex Michael – Social Networks

Alex Michael – Social Networks

So even though I have performed at hundreds of events I very much like to know that the great people I have met are still doing ok.

And equally there is now a time where people book me when they haven’t seen me for 5-10 years!! Wow I am getting old.

There are lots of way to link up with me and see what I am up to or even when I am not up to.

The engage with Facebook – Here I add photos and reviews and special offers etc. Feel free to Like, share, comment etc

I do have a very handy place where I have all of my social in one place it is called ALEX MICHAEL MAGICIAN LINKTREE

Linktree is a tool designed to help individuals, businesses, content creators, or anyone with an online presence to share multiple links on social media platforms or other digital spaces. Its primary purpose is to create a single customizable landing page that houses a collection of links to various websites, social media profiles, articles, products, videos, or any other online content. Michael - Social Networks

I also am on Linked inĀ

Finally I have a YouTube Channel which has lots of great videosĀ

As you can see there is really no excuse for not staying in touch or even check out what I am up to.

Alex Michael – Social Networks

Please look around my website and if there are any questions I estimate there are at least 10 ways to contact me.

Even if you don’t want to discuss magic, I enjoy to talk about food, puzzles, and pretty much any subject matter.

Contact me on 07890 217 203 or email . Please have a browse around my website

Its good to stay in touch, there is no excuse!