Best Magician – so who is the best magician

Best Magician

So who is the best magician? This is such a strange question to ask as there are so many factors. Please see my opinions below

  1. Who invented the best tricks/inventions?

Just my opinion the best inventor of methods and tricks has to be a man named Dai Vernon for close up magic. But for stage illusions a very old French magician named Robert Houdin, who specialised in mechanical marvels

  1. Who was the best publicist magician?

Only one name is in this section and apparently a terrible magician, but the best publicist…. Houdini

  1. Who in your opinion is the best/your favourite?

I have a few but my favourite for imagination, hard work was a not overly famous Dutch magician named Tommy Wonder…. Just superb

  1. Who is the best technical magician?

There are so many but a man named Steve Forte must be near the top. This man is superb with a  deck of cards and deals second deals, bottom deals and centre deals with ease.

  1. Who has the best magic show that you can go and watch?

As of today 2012 get to Vegas, go in the MGM Grand and watch David Copperfields show. Absolutely mind blowing

If you are unfamiliar with any of the names above and you like magic, please use Google and YouTube and be prepared to be astounded as you watch the best magician


Obviously the question who is the best magician, there is no right and wrong answers but we all have our own opinions. I would love to know other people’s opinions on this subject.

I personally believe that there are hundreds and hundreds of better magicians who do not ever publicise themselves who are better than everyone else on the list above.


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