Blackpool Magic 2013

Blackpool Magician Convention 2013 review

 Well this was my  12/13th straight blackpool magic convention so I have seen a few. For those of you who missed it I thought I would let you my own opinions of convention.

On the whole not a bad convention but I would say the standards are getting worse due to not getting in the ‘big names’ and just recycling the same names and performances from very recent years.

 Best bits of the convention

 Wayne Dobson show – Superb, very funny as Wayne was almost compere and he simply takes it in his ride.

Joe Monti – superb example of very usual tricks but absolutely hilarious with visual comedy.

Phil Cass on stage – Great cut and restored tie, duck production etc He just had a superb presence and was clearly a pro.

David Williamson – If you like David williamson…. He was on form that’s all I am saying. Mad as a box of frogs

Zoobee – Great performance, very funny, could have been done at any kids birthday party and smashed the childrens entertainer competition.

Marcel Prince of Illusions- Nightmare act – wow I had never seen this performance. This was the great illusion show for which he won fism, not only for the tricks but completely perfectly routined. Check it on youtube

 Worst bits of Convention

 No horse shoe performances – these are always a bit noisy and busy busy but a good laugh and you could pick and chose more.

No close up comp – anyone know why this was?

Too much repeating – Yann Frish like last year, some of the korean acts all performed in the last couple of years, losander performed the same act he performs nearly every year.

No fantastic new tricks. Omni pen had the biggest hype but not sure it lived up – not particulary well made and the idea is better than what can be done. Certainly not a kicker for the omni deck

Toilets – same problem every year where they stink and are disgusting

 Next year I believe Obie Obrien who organises the FFFF convention is organising the Blackpool convention so this should be good.