Carpet Cleaning Nottingham

Carpet Cleaning Nottingham

So it seems ages since I last blogged as I have been super busy.

I have been performing at stacks and stacks of weddings, corporate events private parties childrens parties.

Many people ask me what do I do in the week when performing at parties.


Well the answer is simple, I do the school run and answer enquiries and I have stacks of other interests and I am complete magic enthusiast in a bit of an over the top way.


Something I do, do is help out my friend and give him a hand from time to time whenever he needs it. He runs a commercial cleaning company so over the years I have built up a lot of skills.


There is something I do enjoy and am skilled at and that is carpet cleaning. I have the very best machines available and have been on extensive training courses so it’s a bit of a shame not offer great carpet cleaning services.

I have a lot of friends and family who have contacted me and I have cleaned their carpets and I am getting more and more people asking.

Because of this I have set up a little website carpet cleaning Nottingham which goes into more detail about what I offer as well as photos and testimonials and as much information as I can.

Everything is ECO friendly and better than you could ever do your self.


I am fully insured and fully trained so there is no need to worry about a thing.

I am not offering carpet cleaning everywhere just Nottinghamshire, North Leics and Derbyshire.

The best way to contact me for prices etc is via

I do need full details e.g. number of carpets, rough dimensions etc but more than happy to answer any questions at all.


For regular magic enquiries