Changes for 2019 – prices and projects

This time of year is always busy for me with family fun days, Christmas parties as well as having a family myself.

So on this blog thought I would inform readers some of the changes coming in 2019…. yes only 2months away

Firstly in the new year I will be launching a product onto the magic market for fellow magicians to use in their sets

I will be trying to do more lectures to both magicians and muggles. This is something I really enjoy and would like to do more of. So any societies and clubs please get in touch if you would like an awesome night of magic

lastly, unfortunately there will be a price increase…. I am sorry. I haven’t increased the price of my close up magic or children show in 3years, but everything for me has been increasing. Advertising, fuel etc etc

I assume the price increase will be only about 10% which still makes me easily the best value for money entertainer.

FInally, I have been told I should be using Instagram, so I will be trying to do just that.

hope everyone is doing great and as always, any questions, please get in touch

Alex magic prices