Charity Events Magician

Charity Events Magician – Every year I get asked to perform for charities and fundraising events.

In the past I have performed for MacMillan Cancer, Children In Need, KeeptheBeat, National Autistic Society, Mental Health awareness, Wish upon a star, Sues Place etc etc etc as well as countless black tie events raising money for their desired charity.

In total I would estimate I get 50- 100 requests every year asking me to perform at such events.

Most of these have a budget to cover my fee in full but some have a little or no budget at all.

In the past I have chosen only  a handful of charities to help every year and I would love to perform as much as I can, but I simply cant perform at them for free as I have a mortgage, bills and a family to support. I also have a young son who is growing up very fast and I do not want to miss precious time with him.

Performing for free not only means that it costs me in fuel, time and equipment but it prohibits me from taking on paid bookings, hence costing me further.

I do like to help and in the past have performed for various rates for various great charities but going forward things will change which will hopefully mean I can perform at more charity events while still earning.

Charity Events MagicianTherefore as of today all charity performance requests will get a 30% discount.

Even if the charity has a budget to cover my full fee which sometimes they do I will donate the discount to go back into the pot to help the charity further.

As a price guide 2hrs close up normally £250 – £450 will be between £175 – £315 (nationwide)

Childrens magic shows  normally £100-£180  will now be £70 – £126 (covers midlands only)

The prices vary due to travel and are cheaper midweek.

This is a first come first served basis with the aim to perform at more events.

Charity Events Magician

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