Chemical Free Living With Children – Food for thought

Chemical Free Living With Children – Food for thought

Entertaining children and having children of my own, like most parents I am very cautious to do the best where that I can to bring them up well.

There are so many toxic traps around. With asthma, chronic allergies, digestive ailments, learning and behavioural difficulties on the rise.
These and many more problems seem to be epidemic among our children. My wife and myself have a friend who is promoting chemical free living.
I had a few pre conceptions but what a sound idea on every level
The way I see it, if you can do something for the same price and the same effort, without using a chemical….. why not.

Many complaints may be largely attributable to a diet of heavily processed, chemical laden foods and a host of toxic agents present in everyday products including pesticides, common household cleaners, and even toys for toddlers.

There are LOTS of resources, products, ideas, podcasts and subcultures all over the internet to help reduce your children’s exposure to harmful substances and assure them of a happier, healthier future.

Personal opinion – Just one of the stacks of great ideas was the use of SOAP NUTS when washing clothes which replaces laundry powder and detergents.
From our results this is better value than the detergents and does the same if not a better job.

I would like to do my little bit to spread the word and if someone finds some benefit from this message then it is good all round.

Chemical Free Living With Children

I very much appreciate it may not be for everyone and a minor change may make a BIG difference.

On a side note my little son requests he wears peppermint oil so he smells nice at nursery.

Chemical Free Living With Children – Food for thought

Back to business, as always if anyone needs a sleight of hand magician or childrens entertainer or wants to talk about healthy living or magic : drop me a line

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