Childrens Entertainers Expenses

Children’s Entertainers Expenses

Quite often people question, ‘why does the children’s entertainer charge so much’

I don’t know what anyone else charges, but I charge  what I consider a fair price for an excellent service.

I, like so many have expenses which not everyone thinks about


Yes even if you get paid cash you should be paying tax, you should also be insured and have relevant checks on yourself and any equipment


Well you need to get the bookings somehow which usually costs and quite often entertainers spend money on advertising that doesn’t work!


This includes fuel, depreciation of car, clothes, props, time spent answering enquiries, phone bills, websites, meeting clients


You simply don’t get paid for the hours and hours of practice you put in to perfect the skill.

If someone told me I had spent a total of 1 yr non stop practicing over my career, it would not surprise me.

You could just have an idea buy some props and just go and perform. You are most likely to be rubbish!


Children’s Entertainers Expenses

Last but not least most importantly 95% of booking and enquiries are during peak hours of ‘family time’ or ‘time’ that’s right evenings and weekends.

Childrens Entertainers ExpensesChildren’s Entertainers Expenses –