Childrens Entertainment for Weddings

Childrens Entertainment for Weddings

When it is the most important day, it is very important to make sure your younger guests have a great time and aren’t bored.

Well this is where I can help. Not only do I perform close up sleight of hand for the adults

I am also a very experienced childrens entertainer and magician. I can perform a magic show for the children or if there is a side room I also can run a mini disco and play games as well as make balloon models for the all of the children.

You will see a lot of videos and testimonials on my website.

When is the best time to have me perform at your wedding?

Well there are a couple of ideal times:

  • while speeches are taking place. This is a great time so no one is getting interrupted etc
  • In the evening when more guests arrive. Instead of all of the children running wild, why not give them a fun activity to do.

My magic show lasts about 40minutes as does my mini disco games and balloons. So in total I can entertain the children for 1hr 20 mins.

Where do I cover?

The answer is Uk wide. Although I am based in Nottingham, I regularly perform all over the UK and Scotland.


Below are a few photos taken of me performing at a wedding recently. It is lovely to see the children having so much fun.

Photos by the amazing Hayley Mason at captcha photography

Childrens Entertainment for Weddings

Having a wedding can be a stressful event for both the couple and their families. One way to help alleviate some of the stress is to provide childrens entertainment for the younger guests. Not only will this help keep the kids occupied during the ceremony and reception, but it will also give the parents a chance to enjoy the festivities without having to worry about keeping the kids entertained.

When it comes to childrens entertainment for weddings, there are a variety of options to choose from. Depending on the age of the children and the size of the wedding, activities can range from a simple craft table with coloring books and crayons to hiring a professional entertainer such as a magician. For outdoor weddings, you can also consider a petting zoo or pony rides. No matter what type of activity you decide to provide for the children, its important to ensure that the activity is age appropriate. Make sure you provide enough activities to keep all the children occupied, and be sure to have enough seating and tables for the kids to use. Its also a good idea to have a few adults on hand to help

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