Children’s parties for children with additional needs

Children’s parties for children with additional needs

I am committed to making sure that I provide the best magical party ever!

Having performed at stacks of childrens parties over the years, I have seen lots of different variables.

If your child has additional needs and you are having a party, please let me know in advance. I can then prepare accordingly and make reasonable adjustments.

Physical disabilities

I have performed for many children in wheelchairs and missing limbs and a whole host of physical abilities. This is no problem for me but I can make sure the following

  • The magic tricks I select them for are suitable for there needs
  • The games work well. For example I have played parachute games with children in wheel chairs with much success, but wouldn’t play a dancing game where there is lots of running round for example.


Mental disabilities and ADHD

To ensure that children have the best possible experience, having good knowledge is a huge advantage. If children don’t like balloons popping, loud noises, being centre of attention or the plethora of triggers a heads up really helps.

*please note if there are other children at the party who are triggered and disrupting the rest of the party. IT IS THE PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY. This would not be fair for the rest of the children. It would also not fair on me to entertain all of the children as well offer special supervision to one of two children.


Mis gendering children

If your child identifies as a different gender or there is chance I may mis gender your child please let me know so that I can correct that. In the past I have mis gendered children by accident, in which case I apologise, correct my mistake and move on using the correct pronouns.

Children’s parties for children with additional needsChildren’s parties for children with additional needs – please get in touch should you wish to discuss anything about having a party with children with needs.

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