Christmas Magician Nottingham

Christmas Magician Nottingham


Well the time has come where I have had a few new enquiries to book me over the Christmas period.

I usually perform at staff Christmas parties performing mix and mingle close up magic, or at children’s Christmas events.

It is October already and I do indeed have a few slots for the Christmas period, but I am almost certain that I will get booked up and like most years end up turning stacks of people away.

So this year I am hoping people book early to avoid disappointment .

Christmas Magician Nottingham

You can see various clips on my website of me in action as well as details about what I do.


You can also follow me of facebook and twitter and linked in as per the link from the home page of my website or here

If I can be of any more assistance or have any unusual requests/ideas feel free to get in touch with me.

Christmas is an exciting time of year and with the help of a Magician in Nottingham, it can be even more magical. Christmas Magician in Nottingham is a professional entertainer who specializes in performing Christmas magic for children and adults alike. They have a wide range of tricks and illusions to delight and amaze audiences. From sleight of hand to card tricks, levitations to fire eating, and more, a Christmas Magician in Nottingham can provide a fun and unique experience to the holiday season. The magician can perform at any event, from small parties to large gatherings. They can create a festive atmosphere with their festive tricks and illusions or act as the perfect ice breaker for a family gathering. They can also make any Christmas gathering more exciting and memorable. The Christmas Magician in Nottingham is experienced in creating an atmosphere of fun and wonderment. They will use their expertise to create an unforgettable show that will leave children and adults spellbound. From sleight of hand to card tricks, levitations to fire eating, they can perform a wide range of Christmas themed tricks that will leave children and adults alike mesmerized. I provide a professional service and will ensure that their show is entertaining and safe.


You can email fill out the contact form, call me on 07890 217 203 or email me on

Ales is also referred to as a Christmas party magician, Christmas party entertainer, Nottingham Magician,

Christmas Magician Nottingham