Costs when I turn up to perform

As a performer I always get asked how much I charge and what are my costs when I turn up to perform

Most people understand that I mainly get booked on certain days and I have a lot of overheads so to speak.


I thought I would break them down for the reader which make interesting reading

Costs when I turn up to perform

Transport :

I have to use a car, I have to pay for petrol, I have to have tax and business insurance.

Sometime I have to travel hours to attend an event which takes time and cost money in fuel


Cost for the show:

Like everything nothing is free, I use certain items in my show that have to be bought e.g. balloons, promotional material etc


Marketing/insurance/phone bill etc


I have to spend either time or money to get the bookings and to secure the bookings and to make sure I have enough insurance cover etc



These need replacing, as do clothes and costumes which usually have to be custom made or cost a large amount of money.

For an example a good PA system to play some music can cost anywhere from £150 to over £1000



Just a rule of society we are not exempt from the rule, we have to declare every penny we owe and pay our taxes accordingly every year.



Well the profit isn’t just for the short time we are at an event it is part payment for the hours spent on all of the above.

On top of that we better save some as entertainers don’t have a pension or get sick or holiday pay….