Everything you may need to know about DBS checks and who needs what etc

This subject always pops up on forums and groups and is a little bit tricky so I will do my best to answer all of the questions that have taken ages for me to find out.

The history  –  DBS Disclosure and Barring Service is what CRB (criminal records bureau) check is now called.

The objective of these checks is to help employers in the UK make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.

So how do I see if my magician/entertainer/face painter has a DBS check?

You cannot. If an entertainer has had one (like I have in the past), it is only valid for the day it was issued.

As an entertainer can I just buy a DBS check? No I simply cant, otherwise I would.
Believe it or not is illegal for someone or an organisation who is booking you as an entertainer to ask for one or apply for one for me. As a magician I am not there to look after or take care of the children. I am not a childminder and most importantly entertainers are not left alone without adult supervision. As a parent myself, I would be vigilant about leaving my children with a stranger who I didn’t know, not only because of the stranger but I don’t know what accidents of any nature could happen to my children and I like to know they would be cared for, disciplined correctly.

For full details or further information and contact details I encourage to use the Government DBS website which can be found here



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