Face Painter Nottingham

Face Painter Nottingham

Face painter Nottingham. As part of my birthday and children’s party package with my magic show I offer face painting for all of the children as an option. https://www.alexmagic.co.uk

I have not tried but it takes a steady hand and a flair for art to be able to paint faces. It is very difficult to rub it out and start again!

So this is where experts have to be used. During my parties I arrive with the face painter who usually sits in the corner painting all weird and wonderful faces on the children. This has been a fantastic success and the children are always happy.

Now has come a time where people want to book just the face painter for an event or party. This is fine, just get in touch with me and I will help you out.

face painter nottingham Face painter Nottingham

For Charity Events/Fairs or family fun days

It has become increasingly popular to have a face painter Nottingham at an event like these and it the past this has worked in a number of ways. Inside, under a gazebo, outside anywhere. The face painters used all come self contained and can bring their own tables etc so they are ready to start almost as soon as they have set up.

How much does a Nottingham Face painter cost?

Most people think that face painting is easy and cheap to do. But it really isn’t you need the paint, and glitters (which are expensive) if you buy the correct water based non allergic  paint, you need good quality brushes, mirrors, head bands, wet wipes and books and even when you have all the equipment you need a lot of practice before you start painting faces.

The costs depend on the location and size of the party, so please get in touch for a quote.

For charities and family fun days, our face painters are usually more than happy to arrive for a small fee and charge the children an agreed rate before giving any profits to the charity. Again, please get in touch to discuss

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