Frozen Parties Nottingham

Frozen Parties Nottingham

So recently there has been an up-serge of ‘Frozen’ themed parties, where someone dresses like Elsa and turns up at the party to entertain the children.

So here is the check list when finding the right Elsa

–          Can they Sing?

–          Do they look like Elsa?

–          Can they interact with the children?

–          Can they fill the duration and keep the children entertained?

Unfortunately there is a growing trend of someone buying a cheap blue dress having a fancy website and starting a business.

This is not only misleading but it gives people like myself a BAD name. I work VERY hard for many years to establish great feedback and make memorable parties!

I have been to stacks of parties with a princess or Elsa guest appearances. Five years ago they used to do  great job as there wasn’t a huge demand now a days children are bonkers about ‘Frozen’ and I see a different one every time who are just terrible!

However it isn’t just me that has seen this, there is an outbreak.

Here is a photo of Elsa who turned up with a Spanish accent and put her outfit on over her clothes and couldn’t sing.

Frozen Parties Nottingham

I wonder if the makers of Frozen are happy with this un licenced version? Even I could pull off a better Elsa……with my stubble. Lol

Frozen Parties NottinghamI do not offer a Frozen party, but on top of my magic show and mini disco, I can of course play some ‘frozen’ music and I do have a snow machine for the end of the party (but please let me know in advance). Facebook 

Frozen Parties Nottingham – There are a full details on my website here but please do get in touch by emailing me on 07890 217 203