Great advice for photographers taking photos of magicians and other entertainers at events


As a close up magician I often attend many weddings, corporate events and private parties where there is usually a photographer present.

I often see some of the photos of myself performing after the event and some are amazing and some are terrible.

So if you are a photographer and you are at an event with a close up/table magician what do you need to know, to get awesome shots for the client.

Here are my top tips.




  • Most magic tricks have a ‘set up’ where a little magic happens….but be ready for the big finish. The best photos are of the magic happening and the spectator reacting.
  • Great photos of magicians performing are of SPECTATORS. You should not be watching so much of the magic, you should be watching the open jaws, or the group applause etc
  • Post production – look carefully at the photograph just to make sure, the method isn’t exposed or there isn’t that one person with their arms crossed or food all over their face.
  • Speak to the magician about what they are doing. They should tell you the plan of attack so you know what not to miss. E.g a few little tricks for the guests, a huge trick for the bride and groom, followed but the best ever trick in front of everyone. You don’t want to be changing your lens when something is happening
  • Be careful of your angles – you may want to take the perfect photo but be careful that the photo doesn’t expose the method
  • Don’t be too close to the magician – not only may the magician feel uncomfortable spectators could spot you and lead to false or no reaction photos


Remember a close up magician is a friend, they can help you to do a great job in every way. Over the years, I have carried the odd bag, fetched someone from a toilet, referred work etc