How did I get into magic

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This is something I get asked at almost every event or party I perform at.

I think everyone’s story is different and mine is quite unique.

Like most children I started with a ‘magic kit’ but in my early teens became a little obsessed with it due to the TV experience of Paul Daniels and later David Blaine etc.


In my younger years I was fanatical about close up magic and learnt every trick and every technique, and as the internet blossomed the resources available where immense.


At the age of 16 – 17 after lots of free events performances I took the plunge and placed an ad in the Yellow Pages. I then started performing very locally all types of events providing close up magic.


As the years progressed, I gained more popularity and started getting booked all over the UK at corporate events and weddings and private parties.


By 20 I was fully immersed in the magic world, going to conventions, having magic friends etc.


Many people were asking me if I could do their children’s parties, which I always refused as I specialised in close up magic for children.


I was turning away so many enquiries I thought I would use my resources and develop an act suitable for children’s parties.


That was 10 years ago and now even after a hairy start performing for children this is now where I still get lots of repeat bookings.


We are now in 2016 where I can proudly say I am one of the top


Close up magicians – performing under the name ALEX MICHAEL – AWARD WINNING MAGICIAN

Children’s entertainers – performing under the name ALEX CADABRA


….and that is my story and I am sticking to it.


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