How much does a magician cost?

How Much does Magician Cost?

Here are the answers finally revealed.

 So you have stumbled across this page because you are unsure about how much you should be paying a magician or you are just curious.

Well I have the answers

The cost of a magician varies for the following reasons

–          Are they local

–          Are they famous

–          Are they offering something different

–          Are they performing at other local events on the same day

–          Are they a beginner

–          Are they just trying it on….

 Am I worth what I charge?

I 100% agree that I offer EXCELLENT value for money

–          Why? Simply because I am one of the VERY best magicians you can hire and I believe I a similar price than worse magicians hence making me better value for money…. Bang for your buck. Without sounding big headed I have won the awards and I have clients constantly telling me I am the best magician they have seen.

–          This strategy is great, as I get a lot of repeat bookings and bookers are happy as they have got a super magician for a great price which leads to a great reputation

 So how much does a magician cost?

A close up magician for a couple of hours – In my opinion if you pay under £200 for magician you will probably get a not very good one and if you pay over £1000 you should get one of the very best in the UK with all the credentials, Awards, TV shows etc to back it up or you could find someone better and cheaper…. This is just my opinion

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