How to become a magician

How to become a magician?

Surprisingly it is a popular question that people ask me. How to become a magician?

It sort of happens and if you are anything like me I was a little ashamed to call myself a magician.

You start off when you are young practicing hard and spending hours just seeing what suits you. You always without doubt spend a fortune on magic tricks which promise the earth but deliver very little.

With the ever expanding internet and the resources available it is very easy with a few clicks to find out how pretty much any trick work.

However the tricky bit is figuring out how to make the trick your ‘own’ and how to evolve and develop the trick.

There are many magicians through history who have constantly worked and tweaked their own act throughout their life.

Like most things if you aren’t ready to put in some serious practice I would even think about becoming a magician.

So now a days if someone seriously came up to me and said they wanted to be a magician and how to become a magician, I would advise them of two books to read.

The royal road to card magic – by Jean Hugard and Frederick Brauegreat card tricks

Modern Coin Magic – J.B. Bobo – Super coin tricks

These are the basic modern bibles for coin and card magic as they list almost every move (sleight) you may ever need. These techniques and subtleties can then be applied to many other tricks and will stand you in good stead.

How to become a magician? Like most things in life, practice.

However, be warned if you get the bug like me, you will end up with a house full of books and tricks and DVD’s constantly trying to grow and learn and develop as a magician.

And before you know it you will have stacks of websites