Kids Disco Nottingham – Kids Disco Derby

Kids Disco Nottingham – Kids Disco Derby

Last weekend I was booked for an event where they were not after a magic show but only wanted a kids disco. No problem at all. I have always run a mini disco but only in conjunction with the magic show. It went really well and all of the children and adults were fully entertained.  I have attended other similar parties like child zumba and dancing parties and I know the children really enjoy it as it gets them moving and learning dance routines.


Kids Disco Nottingham – Kids Disco DerbyKids Disco Nottingham – Kids Disco Derby

Music – What I offer is very unique depending on the age group of the children. For younger children I can play and partake in ‘action’ songs e.g. wheels on the bus, I am the music man etc etc where I teach the children the moves and then they have the go. This is really nice to engage the children and is suitable for nurseries and play groups as well as birthday parties.

For older children I play current pop songs (any dubious lyrics removed) and also some older action songs e.g. superman, Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut. This is more energetic and suitable for both girls and boys.

You can also submit to me a playlist of all the songs you would like and I will make sure I have them ready for the party so the childrens favourite songs can be heard.

Along with action dancing games I also can play games. These involves limbo (how low can you go), spinning plates, parachute games, musical chairs, musical statues etc. I even supply all of the prizes.

My kids disco uses a powerful PA system so it can fill a small hall to a huge gymnasium. This is suitable for childrens birthday parties.

You can view a video on the childrens page of my website of some of the games in action, but if you have any questions or ideas, please get in touch and I will do my best to help out.

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