Lots of updates for the new year – 2022

Lots of updates for the new year – 2022


Well happy new year everyone and hope everyone is doing ok.

This year has started with a bang with extensive enquiries and bookings, for corporate events, private parties, wedding and corporate events

I am currently having to suggest alternative dates and telling people that I am not available. So please enquire early. The best way to enquire is either by phone or wassap 07890 217203 or by email alex@alexmagic.co.uk or by filling out the contact form on my website here


This year there are a few updates to my magic career and a sneak peek into upcoming magical activities in 2022.


Website update

Some of you may have noticed that I have updated photos from some recent events all over my website. Photos below. I also try and update news photos and videos on my facebook page


New promo video coming soon

At some point this year I hope to have a shiny new video coming out showcasing my close up magic. My old promo video is over 10 years old now which can be seen here


Magic product

This year will see me release a trick available for magicians and general public. It is an augmented reality trick which will blow your mind. Video coming soon.

This trick has been a long time coming and is much anticipated. More will be revealed throughout this year. Still in product development, ironing out the kinks.

As always, many thanks for your continues support and best wishes for 2022.