Magic Circle Magician – What you should know

Magic Circle Magician

magic circle magician

What is the magic circle. The magic circle is the biggest magic club/society in the world which happens to be in central London UK. It meets regularly where there is a club room and lectures take place. They have a theatre as well as the worlds largest collection of magic books.

By appointment members of the public can view inside as well as attend the numerous public shows through the years.

How to become a Member

The criteria has changed over the years but you need to fill out an application, you need to be put forward by a couple of members of the magic circle. You also need to have a little test as well as perform some magic in front of a panel.

There are around 1500 members worldwide that include the likes of David Copperfield, Paul Daniels, Dynamo and even Prince Charles and was first started in 1905

Am I a member?

As previously discussed, the magic circle is based in London which is a 4-6hr round trip to visit one of the meetings which is a little bit too long. Another main reason for not joining is that I prefer to learn and study the craft of magic independently.

There are lots of local magic clubs close to me including: Nottingham magicians guild, Leicester magic circle and Derby Magic circle. All of these clubs have there own website.


Magic Circle Magician – for more details about how to join the Magic Circle please click here and if you would like to learn magic and are thinking about having some lessons please click here

For any questions as always my email is or phone 07890 217023

Magic Circle Magician . Fun fact in 2001 the organisations member ship grew down to the release of the first Harry Potter film!! Big thanks to JK Rowling!