Magic Consultant Magician

Magic Consultant Magician  – TV and stage

Through many years of experience and after reading hundreds and hundreds of old and new magic books Alex Michael is often consulted for his knowledge of magic, tricks, effects etc.

His knowledge and his dedication to the art of magic is rarely paralleled within the magic community.

If you have an idea or even if you need a solution Alex will almost certainly know how or know someone who can make it happen. If you need someone trained to learn a few ‘magical moves’ then Alex is the man.

If you need a hand model magician for a film or TV special or similar then Alex Michael can help. His technical ability is from pure hard work and dedication and is a clear that the techniques developed will give the wow factor.

Magic Consultant Magician  Magic Consultant Magician – TV and stage

Alex is an award winning magician with exceptional skills and attributes which makes him a great asset to any production where you need a specialist with specialist knowledge.

What makes Alex exceptional is his ‘out of the box unique thinking which means when many magical props and ideas are developed many people have consulted with Alex to pick out any holes or errors in the product.

 Magic Consultant Magician – TV and stage

Alex is a likeable and approachable man who will offer great results as well as great levels of communication making him great to any project that you may have.

To discuss ideas or if Alex (magic consultant magician) can be of any more help or to arrange a meeting please get in touch with him. And please take your time to visit his website

You will also be able to see a movie demo on the home page of Alex entertaining and wowing some clients with his magic.