Magic Lessons Leicester

Magic Lessons Leicester – On my travels performing at weddings, corporate events and children’s parties I often get asked how did I learn? How long have I been performing for? Etc

Like all things learning magic is a LONG process and is not just about learning secrets.

I learnt many many years ago pre internet from books then VHS and met some great magicians along the way and have been fascinated ever since


These days the internet it flooded with resources, some good, some bad and some down right terrible.

So what is the best way to start, well you could join a local magic club, or you could speak to an expert like myself.

Through the year I have taught lots of people tricks, techniques to show their friends and the next party all the way to people who have become successful magicians performing for money.


Magic Lessons Leicester

The lessons I teach are 1 to 1 either at home or somewhere convenient for yourself and last 1-2hrs a session and are suitable for children 6 and above all the way up to even the very oldest.

If you are a rank amateur or an enthusiastic hobbiest, I can help.

What is covered?

All aspects of sleight of hand and close up magic. Cards, coins, mindreading as well as specific areas of interest. I have a VERY broad magical knowledge covering all aspects.

How much do I charge?

Get in touch for more information, the price depends on the number of sessions… you can even opt for a skype/facetime session

Magic lesson as a gift?

If your friend/partner/child has an interest in magic then a magic lesson as a gift is a great idea. I do have gift vouchers you can download also!


To get the ball rolling….. get in touch and see how I can help.

Magic Lessons Leicester