Magic lessons – Do you want to learn magic?

Magic Lessons

Do you think it would be good to learn magic then look no further.

It is always pleasing to hear why people would like to learn magic and usually it is to add an extra string to their bow or just to get the lime light in their circle of friend or business. Either is fine and magic is a great way to achieve this.

For me magic has been great for me and has enabled me to meet new people and travel all over the UK.

 Although I never had any hands on magic lessons, I self-studied from a very young age and spent a long time learning techniques and practicing hard. There comes a time when after you have mastered the basics, so now picking up new tricks becomes fairly easy with a little more practice.

Magic lessons are an ideal way to learn hands on great technique and skills from me, who have been a student of magic for over 20 years and have won many awards for my dedication.

I often see beginners on the internet and YouTube, performing very badly with terrible techniques giving ‘the good guys’ a bad name. I want to eradicate this and make lots more better magicians.

I always welcome new students who want to learn the craft of magic and in the past I have given magic tuition to many people including, business men, lawyers, doctors, and even children from 5 years old and upwards.

For the adults this is always great, but for children it is very noticeable that they change their attitude and become more confident and dedicated.

My magic lessons focus on sleight of hand, misdirection, performance and attitude which are the fundamentals to being a great magician. Even if you want to only learn a couple of tricks to show the grandchildren, I can help.

I can even do skype magic lessons for your comfort.

E-mail me for prices and ideas