Magician FAQ

Magician FAQ

Here are a few common questions Alex has been asked over the years but if there is any more, please just ask:

How far in advance do I need to book?
A. Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis, I have taken bookings up to 2 year in advance and bookings on the day of enquiring. It is always best to get in touch to find out availability.

 How long do you perform for?
Easy, this is up to you. Whatever you think is best, let me know and I will advise and work out what will work best for your requirements.

How much do you charge?
This depends on the date, the type of event, the location and the time. Get in touch for a quote. Emails are answered within a 24 hours.

I see you are from Nottingham does this mean you will cost more being further away from my event?
Potentially, due to fuel charges. But as I work all over the UK I could be in your area or be going through your area. With this in mind if the times match up, I can offer you a great rate!

How can we tell if what you offer is good?
Do some research, I have won many awards, I have online videos and I have various resources of REAL people reviewing what I offer via my testimonials page.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance and are you DBS checked?
Yes indeed. £10,000,000 cover via equity.

Which areas do you cover?
I travel all over the UK with my close up magic but for children’s parties I cover Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire and a little further!

What kind of tricks do you perform?
Even though I have two styles, a close up magician and a children’s entertainer, which are both very different. I use both original cutting edge FULLY interactive tricks which are aimed at the specific audience to wow and astound

 What is the minimum and maximum number of guests you can entertain?
For children parties I can perform a show for 200 children plus. For adult functions I mix and mingle of a ratio that I can mingle with 50-100 guests per hour.

What if you are ill or can’t make it?
In the past I have been ill and had a car accident but I have never just not turned up and left anyone in the lurch. I always do my best to recommend another professional should the worst happen. How likely is this, well over a 12 year period I have performed at well over 1,000 events and had to miss 3. This means the chance that I will attend your event is over 99.7%.

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