Magician for TV Advert

Magician for TV Advert

So a few months ago Red Bull were searching for a skilled card magician to perform a small section as part of an advert to promote the Las Vegas Grand Prix
Well they chose me and I spent 2hrs non stop filming for a VERY small role…. blink and you will miss it.

The advert was also a collaboration between Red Bull and and online poker company named Pokerstars

Magician for TV Advert

You can view this specific advert here

My small section lasting a second took about 2hrs to film!!!

Magician for TV Advert

If you are looking for a magician for an advert please get in touch for a chat.
– I am skilled at sleight of hand magic with various objects cards, coins, poker chips
– I can give advice (consultancy) for any magic related content that you would like to use for adverts, TV, films, plays etc


Adaptability to Various Platforms

Whether it’s a television commercial, online video, social media content, or a live event, magic is versatile and adaptable to various advertising platforms. A magician’s performance can be tailored to suit the medium and deliver an impactful message across different channels.

Final Thoughts for Magician for TV Advert

In a world inundated with advertising, standing out is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity. Incorporating the art of magic into your ad campaign offers a unique opportunity to captivate your audience, create lasting impressions, and differentiate your brand in a highly competitive market. Hiring a magician for your advertisement could be the enchanting touch that elevates your campaign from ordinary to extraordinary, leaving a magical imprint on your audience’s minds.

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