Alex Michael Magician Lecture

Magician Lecture

I will be lecturing at magic clubs all over the UK.

I am fairly new to the lecture circuit having only done a couple many years ago but I certainly have something to offer.

Please read the short bio about myself.

Short Bio

Alex has been actively performing all over the UK for well over fifteen years, performing at weddings, corporate events and children’s parties.

He has won many local close up competitions as well as a few industry specific awards and now performs at over 300 events per year.

He is the ‘Go to’ magician for many large blue chip companies and some of the biggest event organisers and wedding planners in the UK and as such has a great reputation.

The lecture will contain mainly close up magic, but there will be cabaret items involved and last for 2 x 45 minute sessions

Part of the lecture will include some top advice from Alex’s notebook which has been taken from the stacks of lectures he has watched since he was 14yrs old.

The content will be aimed at beginners as well as experts and there will be content for everyone to get something from. It will be fully interactive and a lot of fun.

For more details and questions please email

Magician Lecture

The lecture is thought provoking and not only  looks at technique but also motives for various effects which can be used to upscale your current routines.

Magician Lecture – my facebook page where you can see dates as well as updates can be found here