Magician Review

Magician Review

From time to time I get asked for references as these days anyone can have a flashy website and say they are a great magician.

Although from the outset this seems like a bit of running around, I welcome this question because I simply have hundreds upon hundreds of thank you e-mails in my in box. These have come over the years from weddings, corporate events, childrens parties, schools etc .

I also have many people who agree to be called and give a glowing reference.

However if you would like to do your own research you will see a lot of great feedback about me online. I have a testimonials page on my website,  and all over the internet you will see feedback from me winning many magic competitions over the years.

 Magician Review

If I was to review put a mission statement about what I offer I would write.


‘Alex Michael – Award winning magician, offering contemporary cutting edge magic with great value for money to exceed all expectations’


Magician Review – I often wish there was a system similar to trip advisor which reviewed every aspect of every magician. Punctuality, dress, attitude, magical abilities etc  as I strongly believe that I would be very near the top, which would mean more bookings for the magicians that try hard and a work hard to obtain perfection and less work for those who don’t care.


I endeavour to make an easy transaction for every client from the first contact onwards. Being easy to contact and transparent in how I operate, with no extra costs etc.


Magician Review – If you have any ideas or suggestions about how I can improve my service I really would love to hear from you.


For more information about what I offer, please visit my website or if you have any questions, please get in touch with me on