Magicweek – Brilliant website

Magicweek – The best magic site on the internet

I do know that a lot of children who see me at shows and parties across the UK want to know how I started in magic and where I learn tricks from. Well these days there seems to be more and more great accessible sources to chose from. Slowly people are reading less and less books and more people are getting on the world wide web. This isn’t so much a bad things but I will let you know about some great resources on the internet to start looking at.

Magic forums – these are big online discussion groups where people discuss everything from the minute details of a trick to what hand cream to use while performing to stop things slipping out. The biggest forum of this nature worldwide is ‘ the magic café’. It is a huge database of peoples thought, ideas and suggestions from over the years. But if you would like something UK based and maybe more personal I would recommend ‘magic bunny’ a quick google search will bring these up for sure.

Magicweek – But if you would really like to know the best magic site on the net it is Magicweek ( ) it is like an online newspaper which updates every Saturday and has great articles which highlight all of the goings on in the magic world. It also has sections where you can buy and sell magical props and apparatus as well as informs you about and magic on TV as well as any live shows in your area.

You really should check it out. I have been checking it out for 10 years + and so have hundreds of other like minded magicians.

I hope you found this article useful.