Maths Magician – Math Magician

Maths Magician – Math Magician

So very often I get asked to perform in front of large groups both adults and children all over the UK and I am often asked to put some educational content into the show.

For this one of the themes is Maths and memory work.

For school groups I often am described as a maths magician and I not only perform a great magic show, but I can also incorporate maths in a fun way into the show.

For adults I also perform tricks which involves some form of memory and numeracy skills, including rubics cube tricks, super fast memory and great adding up skills.

Being a maths magician is often very high inpact and adds great depth to an already good magic show.

Even people who don’t like maths and find learning challenging will thoroughly enjoy my show.

 Maths Magician – Math Magician

One of my showcase tricks is performing a super speedy seduko trick. This is where someone shouts out an two digit number e.g. 65. I can then complete a 4×4 grid with numbers in 30 seconds

Maths Magician

As you will see all horizontal lines add up to 65, all vertical lines add up to 65, all corners add up to 65, all centre numbers add up to 65 and all diagonals add up to 65.

Impressive right, any number called out and I fill out the grid in 30 seconds or less

There are more details and videos on my website which can be viewed here

I am also on facebook where there is a lot of new content and pictures etc

Maths Magician – Math Magician.  I travel all over the UK with my bespoke show and if there are any questions or ideas please email me at or call 07890 217 203