Nottingham Mind Reader UK

Nottingham Mind Reader UK – Ever had your mind read? Is it even possible?

You can decide.

For many years, not only have I been performing magic at events and parties but I have also been performing some mind reading.


Just recently people who have booked me before, have enjoyed the mindreading so much that they have asked for 100% mind reading.

The feedback which has come back was that they loved it and now I am booked time and time again to perform these feats.


So what do I do?

Well specifically I predict numbers e.g. pin numbers, house numbers, dates of birth etc.

I know what pictures you have drawn and I can tell you the names of people you are merely thinking about.


Is there a trick to it? Yes of course, I am not superhuman. There is LOTS happening which cumulates in a performance of minds being blown and full amazement.


Nottingham Mind Reader UK


So what do I offer? Well I can perform a mix and mingle style with guests in an informal way, or I can perform a super 10 – 40 minute fully interactive show full of lots of helpers and fun.

I am flexible in how I work, some people like me to do my mind reading in an informal show. Some poeople like a short show, some other like a longer show. I am here to help so any questions please just ask.

Nottingham Mind Reader UK

There are lots of videos and testimonials all over my website here

But should you have any questions about me or my mindreading or about how I can make your party or event a great success email me at or call 07890 217 203

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