Top 8 Reasons why to book ME!

Top 8 reasons to book me – Alex Michael Award Winning Magician


I hear horror stories all of the time about magicians and entertainers not turning up, damaging people’s property, running off with deposits, falsifying details and just being plain lousy and unprofessional.  You simply won’t find anything further from the truth when dealing with me.

You may find magicians who offer some of the below but I am one of a small percentage who offers everything. This is what makes me UNIQUE!

This hopefully should make it an easy decision to make when booking a magician for your next event.

Be it a private party, wedding, corporate event or even a childs party here are the top 8 reasons to book ME.

  • The standard of magic – I have always strived for excellence for many years and have put in many hours, days, weeks and years to develop and master a unique form of magic. As such I am regarded as one of the very best magicians in the UK and as such I have won many awards and I am very proud of what I offer with the aim to leave great lasting impressions.
  • Reliable – Through my time at hundreds of performances over the years I have never been late, or not turned up. This means there can be complete peace of mind for everyone concerned.
  • Fully Recommended – I have performed at over 1000 events and parties of every variety of which 75% of these are through recommendation. I also have an extensive testimonials page which is just a fraction of the great feedback that I regularly receive.
  • Years of experience – I have been interested in magic since I was a small child and now with over 10 years real world experience I have worked in hundreds of different circumstances which mean I can cope and still offer the very best magic possible to the guests regardless of the situation. Currently I perform at over 150 shows per year which would amount to thousands of parties I have performed at
  • Value for money – I offer great value for money and offer a very comprehensive ‘no additional costs’ policy
  • Fully Insured – I am insured through Equity to cover against any accidents that many occur.
  • CRB checked – Due to working within schools and similar settings I have been CRB checked which show no record of ever being involved with any police matter.
  • My purpose – What I offer is not for the fame or the money. I do have bills to pay like everyone else, but the reason I perform magic is because I love what do and I am passionate about letting people experience something I am so fond about.