Top tips so that your Children’s entertainer can do a GREAT job




As a children’s entertainer, I perform at stacks of parties and I do my very best to ensure conditions are perfect with no distractions, so the performance is enjoyed to the maximum.

People are often shocked that I have the children glued to the floor and concentrating for so long.

Well the secret is: reduce the distraction and make the environment perfect. So here are my top 10 tips.

  • Comfortable children are happy children: Hydrate the children prior to the show and make sure they have all been to the toilet.
  • Party venues are like sausage rolls: best being not too hot or too cold (halls warm up a lot with children in them)
  • No need for lotion and a sun hat: close blinds and curtains to make sure the sun wont shine on the children or entertainer while the show is happening. Hopefully the dazzling performance by the entertainer will me enough sparkle!
  • Let’s not embarrass late comers: If the performance area near the entrance door any late comers might cause distraction and get a little embarrassed with lots of little faces staring at them when they enter
  • The performance area for children is better not on a stage. As so many children come up to help out it is best to have everyone on the same level.
  • Sneak late comers in: late comers should just give the present to grown up and sit down so they can watch the show.
  • We all like a good catch up, but I like to encourage parents to sit with the children and enjoy the show and catch up later. There is nothing better than seeing your child laughing their heads off.
  • Plenty of time to make noise: There is so much time outside the magic show where balloons, whistles, toys can be played with, but when they pop or get used during the show or the children can’t help out because they are clung to a an item this causes distraction. I say pop them away until later.
  • Nothing worse than photos of children doing magic tricks covered in chocolate cake, jelly, popcorn with a carrot stuck up their nose: Feeding the children while the show is happening could cause spillages and distractions and all host of other issues.
  • A professional entertainer is enough: Having activities on while an entertainer is performing e.g. craft tables, bouncy castles may sound like a good idea but the variety is too much. Having a magician is a special experience and should not be missed.

These are just a few top tips to think about; and if you have a good entertainer you will have a GREAT party for everyone to remember.

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