TV magicians – my opinions

At almost every event I perform at I get asked about one magician or another, be it Derren Brown, Dynamo, Troy, Jamie Raven etc. My opinion is simple, I am a magician and as such am hard wired differently and what they perform is aimed at 99% at lay people and rightly so.

What people don’t realise is that there is usually so much more going on with TV magic, management, stylists camera cuts, favours and an endless list of things I don’t know about.

What I do know is that by yourself if you were a talented magician you invariably wouldn’t just get spotted and start doing exactly what you want on TV and call the shots. It is nearly always a commercial venture with lots going on to serve the public.

Therefore when asked what do I think of TV magician xyz? I can only presume that they wanted to be on TV therefore wanted all of the pros and cons and as such I can only comment positively.

Invariably the people that tune in to watch magic, enjoy magic, and the more magic around the more people are thinking about it so the better it is for the magic community.

I suspect everyone would think that being an entertainer that MY goal should be some prime time TV show. Not so, I love performing at wedding, corporate events and children’s parties. It will never make me mega rich but I don’t want to be mega rich, I simply what to be comfortable to spend time with my wife and children and friend. Simple.

I don’t overly like watching magic on TV but being in the industry for so long you get to know/know of some of these magicians who make it on TV. What I do know is Dynamo and Jaime Raven are thoroughly nice guys so like anyone I know I hope they get whatever they want out of whatever they want to do. Simple.