Unique Party Entertainment Ideas in Nottingham

Unique Party Entertainment Ideas Nottingham

You have come to the right place if you are looking for something unique and fun for your next party or event.

Half of the people have seen a magician in one form another either on TV or live but almost 100% of people have never seen the type of magic that I perform.

Unique Party Entertainment Ideas Nottingham

I mingle effortlessly with your guests performing close up magic literally inches from their faces.

More often than not the main feedback is like what I received at this past weekend.

A guest had gone out of their way after the party and sent me an email with the following sentence which summed everything up.

“it was great to see your magic on Saturday night and everyone thought you were great. I had a very sleepless night thinking about it, as I had only seen things like that on TV”

Unique Party Entertainment Ideas Nottingham Reviews

Don’t just take my word for it, many guests review my magic all over the internet and magazines in various places. The top places where people review are

FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, NETMUMS, YELL. Take a look and see for yourself

As you can see nearly everyone (99%) of people give me 5 stars review… I must be doing something right

A lot of the time at events I am booked and not announced, or hidden in a room for to visit and a myriad of other great ideas to add to the wonder.

Please have a look around my website at the videos, photos and testimonials and should you have any questions I am here to help.

I am Nottingham based but travel regularly all over the Midlands and the UK

Unique Party Entertainment Ideas Nottingham contact me via email : alex@alexmagic.co.uk  or via phone 07890 217 203