Wedding Magician Southwell Nottinghamshire

Wedding Magician Southwell Nottinghamshire


Recently I have been performing at a lot of weddings in Southwell.

I am a regular performer at the Boutique Hotel as well as Norwood Park in Southwell


I am usually booked following recommendation as a great addition and to lighten the mood at any wedding.


The best times to have me wow the guests is either : when the photographs are being taken or during the evening if you are having additional guests

 Wedding Magician Southwell

So how do you know you are booking a good magician?

Wedding Magician Southwell reasons to book


Well simple really…. Do your research

Here are the top reasons why you simply wont find a better wedding magician in the area

          I am award winning in my industry – I have won many competitions against my peers

          I have represented the UK in national close up magic competitions

          I have won some wedding industry awards voted for by the public

          I am the most highly reviewed magician in the midlands

          I am highly approachable, get in touch and I will give you honest advice and answer any question you like


So what exactly do I do?

Well I mingle with the guests effortlessly performing real life cutting edge cotemporary magic.

…. Imagine me borrowing £5 then changing it to a £20 note

….imagine the reaction when I guess your pin number


Young, old, shy, confident…. It doesn’t matter I can amaze and entertain them


Please take a look at my photos of peoples jaws dropping as well as the video of me in action.


As you can imagine a real conversation starter. No cheesy magic just cutting edge Derren Brown/Dynamo style magic.


The best way to contact me is via email or call 07890 217 203

I am here to help, and to make your wedding the best ever!