Wedding venues Nottingham

Wedding venues Nottingham

 Being a wedding magician I have performed in I would guess 80% of all of the wedding venues in Nottingham. Here is a list of some which you may not have thought of:

Woodborough Hall, Colwick hall, Bestwood Lodge Hotel, The Albert Hall, Blotts Country Club, Holmpierrpont Hall, The carriage Hall, Rutland Square Hotel, Crowne Plaze, Park Plaza, Risley Hall, Nottingham University, Nottingham Trent University, Goosedale Conference Centre, Lakeside diner, Nottingham Conference Centre, Thrumpton Hall.

 Wedding venues Nottingham

A recent study in a wedding magazine showed that 75% of brides wish they had spent more money on their wedding entertainment.

Personally when I got married I knew how important this was so cut back in other areas so we could spend on the entertainment.

The advantage of having me performing at your wedding is that I offer a unique unforgettable experience for your guests.

It is not every day your guests will see magic and it is certainly not every day that they will see some truly amazing magic.

Wedding venues Nottingham

Peoples perception is that magic is a bit naff but I have worked very hard to obtain a standard where I am regarded as one of the very best magicians in the UK and I am booked almost solidly all year round, often by people that have seen me performing

See for your self. You can view a live movie of me in action on my website

Such is my reputation I have been invited to perform on channel 4’s ‘Four Wedding’ programme to amaze the brides and to give the WOW factor to the event.

Wedding Venue Nottingham – If you would like any further help or advice about finding a suitable venue or even about booking me to make your wedding the best ever, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can view my facebook page here 

Wedding venues Nottingham – hire a magician now

wedding venues nottingham