Why pay full price for a magician when you can do it yourself?

Why would you pay a wedding magician £200 -£700 when you can do it yourself for cheaper.

Here is my step by step guide to how you can save some serious cash when booking a magician

1)      First you need some tricks, an easy way to do it is go to an online shop who are the biggest in the business, Hocus Pocus USA maybe and spend a week or so shortlisting and scrolling through their inventory of thousands and thousands of magic tricks. A top tip is to watch the promo video of the product as these are never misleading or heavily edited. Lets hope you don’t buy a few bits of thread and some blue tac for £50 which you can only perform with someone standing right in front of you or in front of a camera.

2)      Once you have found the selection of tricks, buy them and pay the postage and import duties and wait in your house and hope they arrive. If you have been savvy you may have spent £100. – If they don’t show up, I find you should comb the area of about 5 miles as the package may be in someone elses garden. This only takes about 12 hrs

3)      Realise that the tricks don’t work or you cant do them and repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have a selection of tricks that you can do. This may take time and hopefully won’t make you re-mortgage your house to achieve this.

My magic friends do not have houses bursting with useless magic products after all.

  • You may want to save money and buy second hand, but be aware of the online scammer. This year I have only heard about of about 100 magicians who have been scammed one way or another

4)      Spend a few months personal practice as well as a few months regularly practicing for real people who you don’t know and you are good to go. Lets hope you or the props don’t get man handled by the spectators inappropriately!

5)      If you need better instructions just watch some American 14 yr old on YouTube. Don’t listen to the people that say that the real golden information is in old magic books.

6)      At this point check your diary that you haven’t missed the event

Now lets imagine you were paying a magician £450 who admittedly may have 5,10, 20 yrs more experience than you and be charming and engaging. Don’t worry about this. If you have chosen the tricks correctly and you can do them all well and have avoided the pitfalls even though you may have quit your day time job to put in the practice. And if you don’t mind giving up your weekend family time, if you are clever, you could save yourself £1 – £35

It doesn’t stop there. Here’s the perk, if you give out some business cards (lets pretend you get these free) you may wake up the next day with stacks of enquiries for freebies and charity gigs

*please note the above calculation does take into account, that you have a suit, someone can drive you or you get free petrol and or that you get free Public liability insurance.

*Also you are expected to pay tax. You could always not pay tax and HMRC are usually very reasonable and don’t issue huge fines and investigate your whole life for months on end.

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