Greatest Showman Parties Nottingham

Greatest Showman Parties Nottingham

A Million Dreams, This is me etc etc. we have it all

Within the last year, I get asked time and time again to play various songs and have various themes as a party.

So now if you would like a greatest showman party please get in touch.

I perform my comedy magic show aimed at all ages. I play all the songs from the movie, I have a smoke machine to add to the atmosphere and even play various themed ‘greatest showman games’

should you have any questions please get in touch via email on

I am here to help. my facebook page is here and my website is here

greatest showman party nottingham

Greatest Showman Parties Nottingham book now.

Hosting a “Greatest Showman” party can be a fun and entertaining idea for various reasons:

  1. Celebrating the Movie: If you or your guests love the movie “The Greatest Showman,” throwing a themed party can be a fantastic way to celebrate its music, characters, and overall spirit.
  2. Fun Atmosphere: The movie has vibrant colors, catchy music, and a feel-good storyline. Recreating elements from the movie, such as costumes, decorations, and music, can bring a lively and enjoyable atmosphere to your party.
  3. Costume Opportunities: The characters in “The Greatest Showman” have iconic and visually appealing costumes. Organizing a costume party where guests can dress up as their favorite characters can be a highlight.
  4. Music and Dance: The movie’s soundtrack is catchy and energetic, making it perfect for a party atmosphere. You can have a playlist of songs from the movie and even arrange a dance-off or sing-along session.
  5. Themed Decorations: Create a visually appealing setup with decorations inspired by the circus or the movie’s aesthetic. Think about incorporating elements like red curtains, vintage posters, circus animals, and colorful lights.
  6. Activities and Games: Plan games or activities that are reminiscent of the circus or the movie. You can set up a mini carnival with games like ring toss, face painting, or fortune-telling booths.
  7. Community and Togetherness: Hosting a themed party can bring friends, family, or colleagues together for a night of entertainment and bonding over a shared love for the movie.

Remember, the main goal of a “Greatest Showman” party is to have fun and create a memorable experience for everyone involved. Tailor the activities, decorations, and overall ambiance to suit the preferences and interests of your guests for an unforgettable event.