Have I gone back to performing? – YES

Performing through a pandemic

The answer is yes. I am still performing, for small groups, family households and online and to meet all government guidelines.

So as a performer is there anything else I can do to minimise the spread of infection, well yes and here are some of the precautions I take

  • I clean and antibacterial all of my props before and after a performance.
  • I wear a face mask/or visor where appropriate
  • I use alcohol based anti bacterial solution before and between groups
  • I avoid physical contact where possible.
  • I am conscious about the spread to Covid
  • I can supply a risk assessment where appropriate

Currently there are restrictions on large gatherings and social, but i always try to stay safe for everyone and work to the government guidelines.

Should you have any questions please get in touch alex@alexmagic.co.uk