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Magic for older children


I get a lot of questions weather I perform magic for older children and the answer is YES.

Although I primarily perform magic shows for 4-8 year olds I do indeed perform for older children and teenagers.

I change my whole show and really perform different material which is less silly and more aimed to fool the children.

As we all know children ‘know everything’ when they hit 8-9 years old so I am on hand to fool and entertain them.

I also perform close up magic for adults and older children so booking me you get a really age specifc magic.

You will see lots of my reviews all online (I now have over 500 five star reviews) from a very mixed group of people of different ages.

I even at some events like weddings perform a childrens magic show for the young guests and then some close up magic for the adults. This works really well.

You can view a video of me performing close up magic here

Equally I have a video of me performing for younger children here

Magic for older children prices – My prices vary very much depending on location, duration and a lot of other factors. Please get in touch for  no obligation quote.

Magician for older children bespoke packages. If you would like something very specific please get in touch and I will do my best to help and accommodate. I know that all events are different so I treat every event individually.

You can find lots of live photos on my website or on my facebook page all containing lots of age brackets and lots of different events! Part of the fun being a magician!

The best way to book me or to contact me is via email or by calling 07890 217 203

Magic for older children