Top 5 magic Kits to buy as a beginner

;Top 5 magic Kits to buy as a beginner

Being involved in magic for over 30 years, as you can imagine I have seen and played with a lot of magic kits.

With Christmas fast approaching and as I always get asked I thought I would give some advice about what are the very best magic kits available.

I know certainly growing up with a basic Paul Daniel magic set, I could perform and understand the majority of tricks.

Fast forward and everything has come on leaps and bounds with both online tutorials to being made of better materials.

Below are my top picks of the Top 5 magic Kits to buy as a beginner

Learn & Climb Magic kit Set for Kids – This comes with a DVD and lots of easy to do magic tricks and the cost is about £20

Marvins Magic Sets – There are lots of various magic sets all with different skills and price points. Great instructions and easy to follow. There is even metal tricks in some of the kits

National Geographic Science magic kit – A great mixture of science experiments and magic tricks. Well packaged with easy to follow instructions

Criss Angel Mindfreak Magic Kit – 350 tricks all explained by master magician Criss Angel – Ideal for beginner who loves learning

Best Classic Magic – Melissa and Doug – Great kit with wooden props, feels more professional and all stores in a great wooden box.

Most of these kits are available through

Top 5 magic Kits to buy as a beginner – These are just my opinions of kits I have first had experience with and thorough recommend. Like all things, everything takes patience practice and a little dedication.

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